About the project

The project aim is to find technical solutions for the whole process of heat recovery from steelmaking slag while producing a high quality slag product for external or process internal utilization. While different heat recovery devices are being tested on the market, the internal transportation, storage of slag and final use of the recovered heat needs to be sorted out for the process to be successful. Three heat recovery concepts and two heat use concepts are being investigated.


 Three heat recovery concepts are being investigated:  

 1.      Development and testing of an advanced process for heat recovery and material recycling by re-charging of hot LF slag into the EAF process as lime substitute. (MAU, FEhS) 

 2.      Development and testing of heat recovery from BOF slag by further developing the current technology partially developed by SFTec.  (SFTec, MEFOS)  

 3.      Development and testing of an advanced air/water granulation of EAF slag directly at the furnace (online EAF slag treatment). (Tenova, ACP, CSM)  

 Two heat use concepts are being investigated:

 1.      The recovery of heat from slag in a heat vector (water, air, steam) to be used directly in the steel industry (i.e. solid material drying, scrap pre-heating) or to produce valuable energy to export (i.e. hot water for district heating).  (SIDENOR, CICe, Tenova, MEFOS, SFTec)  

 2.      Direct generation of electrical energy by thermoelectrical technology.  (CSM, Tenova, ACP)